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Image Versus Reality 2002

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This picture shows smoke exposure.

This respected seed catalog shows the joys of eating your healthy crop in the summer. Even wholesome food will not protect against the damage to the childrens lungs, heart and immune system caused by the barbecue smoke. Why are the children and baby near it? Having a great day and then having the children sick for a week is counter productive.

It looks like a propane one (see the tank under the barbecue) - if you want to barbecue that is the best fuel, but all smoke is dangerous. Make sure not to create smoke by burning the food, do put sauces on after cooking, and preheat foods in the microwave. Keep children, babies, the cook, guests and neighbors out of the plume of emissions. Don't add flavor wood chips (they create smoke) or any smoked seasonings.

Then when everything and everybody is safe - bon appetite! To learn more about barbequed food: Health Effects of Grilled Food

Should the cook wear a mask?







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