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Wood Smoke Around the USA:

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ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORISM: Welcome to the Trenches March 1, 2003

by L. Backus, B.A., Historical Studies, M.A. candidate, E. Backus, B.S., Health Science/Respiratory Therapy <lisa.maria@mindspring.com>

March 25th, 2003 update on chemical tests on the sludge residue from the perpetrator's wood stove.

Victims Speak
California 3/03 I just went outside for a moment, and, it's bad again. I can't believe
it. At 8:30, I couldn't smell a thing, and now, it was pretty smokey.
It's March now, and it's about time this stuff stopped!
Thanks for the information. How do I reach the complaint line for the Bay
Area Air Quality Management District? I have a next door neighbor who is
making our lives a "living Hell". In fact, the Vet last week during my
dog's checkup before an operation asked if we were affected by wood
burning smoke. My dog is now a victim.

Lets Raise Our Voices
: Contributions from Concerned Citizens.

Merv Thompson speaks out from Rochester, New York December 2002

EPA - History: Particulate Regulation 1997

Forest fires in West could mean health problems for asthmatics American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
( 611 East Wells Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone 414-272-6071 Fax 414-272-6070) AAAAI Practical Guide Case StudiesUnfortunately, no one is diagnosing children with winter cough from wood smoke. Think of the medical cost to us all because we don't want to recognize wood smoke for the killer it is. It is not enough to talk about smoke free (meaning tobacco free) homes.

The 2002-2003 Holiday Report:Please send reports from your area. We will post them as time permits.

Thanksgiving to Christmas: Glouster, Massachutsetts on the ocean: wood smoke fills neighbors homes.

Thanksgiving to Christmas: Rochester, NY.:wood smoke fills neighbors homes.


The 2001-2002 Holiday Report

A Brief 2001-2002 Holiday Smoke Report:

Westchester County, NY: Mostly free from wood smoke. AQ:Very Good

Queens, NY Very Good

Manhattan, NYC, NY Charcoal burning carts add substantial street level and therefore indoor levels of smoke. Along with a lot of street cigarette smoking exposure is sporatic, but high. Lets do something wonderful for New York - turn push carts into clean fuel only carts.

The Bronx Botanical Gardens, NYC: New Years Day Excellent - no wood smoke.

Texas:Even the President of the United States doesn't know any better: Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 12:04:46 EST

San Francisco Bay Area: Pretty Bad. Smell of Wood Smoke permeates the city and local areas north. Marin, Novato, Petaluma, Bodega Bay, Etc. etc. Thick wood smoke obsuring driving visability Jan.3, 01. We are waiting for further reports from observers. If you can help fill in the map let us know - also is it better or worse than in previous years.

2001- 2002 Aethalometer monitoring in Downtown San Franciscohttp://www.mageesci.com/sf/downtown_sf.htm
These are great charts of Wood smoke along with city living. Look at Christmas Eve. See how the smoke pollution fills the air and then it doesn't clear out until early morning. This is early data but very helpful.


Wood Smoke pervades California air. Air Districts, CA Air Resources Board and District IX EPA sit on their hands. Localities struggle to arrest the building of more fireplaces but not wood stoves. Lawsuits have been initiated by the hearth industry. The particulate from wood burning is predicted to increase into 2010.

EPA EXEMPTS California farmers from all clean air rules. 12/5/01

CA-Air-review California Air Resources Board Proposes Air Quality Standards for Fine Particles:  BackgrounderCalifornia : Politics as usual : here is the flaw: --"No 24-hour PM2.5 standard is recommended. (The federal standard is 65 ug/m3, 3 year average of 98th percentile concentrations)." Still time for comment. We need to stop wood burning and crop burning in CA. It is clear that the CA ARB has not been out and measured fine particulate. This is a document to do nothing about the year round wood smoke that invades California air.

San Francisco Bay Area: Burning Issues 1999 rebuttal to BAAQMD Plan.

"Santa Rosa may ban new woodburning fireplaces.  Law would also require wood stoves not EPA-approved to be removed when home is sold."

Kokkari San Francisco:Wood Smoke from Kokkari Reastaurant sickens an entire apartment building: Contact:Brian Browne <h2oecon@pacbell.net>

Berkeley: Contact: Jamie Casebar: Citizens Opposing Polluted Environments (COPE): <jcaseber@yahoo.com> Berkeley Law bans commercial wood burning ovens and fireplaces. Dec. 15, 2001 SF Chronicle

Central California Coast Contact: <MPOWERGIACOLETTI@prodigy.net>

Macon, GA From Louis Lowery: A Gardener's View

"I am working on a report that should greatly support a permanent burn ban in Ga.We all know what goes in our air that does not choke us right away comes back through our water and food supply. It is my understanding many DIOXINS cannot be filtered out of our bodies and they accumulate, poison and cause cancer .Perhaps it is why we are warned to only eat the small fish in our rivers and streams. I continue to listen to all for only then will I have the gardeners view. A view of A Gardeners Quest for Beauty and Fresh Air.

Contact: http://gardenersview.com

December 09, 2001 11:13 AM Dear Louis, Thank-you for your letter supporting clean air in the Macon Telegraph at: http://www.macontelegraph.com/content/macon/2001/12/09/letters/view_1209_sun day.htm "Thanks for clean air I wish to thank all the persons involved in helping to clear our air. I believe the unanimous vote by Macon's City Council supporting the clean air resolution is a breath of fresh air for all of us. It gives us hope, the concern for healthy air and healthy people will be great enough to place a permanent ban on burning trash of any kind in our neighborhoods. It also gives us hope that we may live long enough to see our grandchildren laugh, play and learn in a healthy environment.

Puget Sound, WA

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