"Who is suffering? The asthmatic or his environment? And what precisely is the nature of his suffering?"
Aaron Lask, Asthma: Attitude and Milieu

"The smoke from burning coal and wood contains substances which are harmful to human health. In residential neighborhoods, emissions from domestic chimneys become mixed with the air which many people have no choice but to breathe in. The toxins damage the cardiovascular system, cause pulmonary disease, cause certain types of cancer, damage unborn children, cause brain damage and bring on asthma attacks." Simon Francais, UK

"We have learned, that strengthening our ability to solve disease problems, involves the paradox involved in strengthening ourselves... that is... our independence as both people and countries, is achieved through consenting to interdependence."
- Dr. William Foege, Gates Fellow

Why, when, and where is wood smoke a problem? (including California trends)

How are you exposed to wood smoke? (with personal stories)

Temperature Inversions

Tables and Charts there is a more extensive list (Wood Burning Table List)

Burning Issues Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring of Air Borne Particulates

"The data clearly shows that particulate concentrations increase most rapidly in the early evening and that the highest concentrations occur in the late evening, after 11 PM. This clearly suggests that the particulates are generated by non industrial and non automotive sources."  Mary J. Rozenberg

Effect of a single burner

Average of Los Altos PM 2.5 pollution by time of day and day of week showing business versus personal choice pollution.

One Week of Monitoring in Los Altos, CA

San Francisco Area Charts:

Particulate Sources of PM10 and PM-2.5 in the San Francisco Bay area. This material was supplied by Dr. Wayne Ott (1998). 

CA Emissions Trends 1999

The problem is going to get worse : CA Emissions Predictions 2010

Wood Smoke Pollution

Percent of Wood Smoke Around the Nation

in The Puget Sound-Seattle Area

in Vermont

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