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Cooking Over Solid Fuels

Biomass Burning: Forest Fires, Grass Fires, Crop Fires

What is in that Campfire? (400K PDF)

Barbequed Food

Church Candles

Wood smoke (woodsmoke) poses threat to aquatic life of the Great Lakes, USA

Determination of Atmospheric Pollutant Emission Factors at a Small Industrial Wood-Burning Furnace

Coal Power Plant Study by DOE in Pittsburgh, PA Wood Burning is double the fine particulate pollution of the power plant.

Grass Seed:Analysis Of Grass Seed Field Straw, Jeffrey A. Corkill, Ph. D., Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Wa 99004 OCT. 1996 Smoke from the burning of the straw residues from Kentucky grass seed fields contains at least two different types of organic compounds, i.e. the phenolic compounds and the PAHs. The phenols appear to be present in much higher concentrations than the PAHs.

Wood Burning Power Plants

Wood Stovesnew

Outdoor Wood Boilers (OWB) Very Polluting and growing rapidly.

Outdoor Fire Pits - A relatively new but rapidly growing source of particles.

Molecular characterization of campfire smoke.

World Trade Center Smoke Analysis

Particulate Sources and Emissions Trends California

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