Burning Issues

Clean Energy and Conservation of Our Air

Sustainable Energy (14-Aug-1995)

  • Learn More About Fuel Cells :fuelcell.htm
  • link Hydrogen Information Network Home Page
  • Solar Conversion (14-Aug-1995)
  • Wind Energy (14-Aug-1995)
  • Link:U.S. Department of Energy(DOE) Information on renewable energy. Interestingly, experts from DOE recommend biomass for gasification only.

    Link: Australian siteAir Quality Research Group (U.N.E).

    Solid Fuel Combustion and Outdoor Burning

    Tires: Recycle Don't Burn

    Trench Burning, Georgia, BI Rep Louis Lowery

    BURN BARRELS: New York State Attorney General's office has come out against burn barrels. This is a press release and brochure. It accentuates combustion dioxins.

    Illinois Lung Association Speaks Out Against Coal Burning.

    Iowa Environmental Department Good Info on Air Quality and Open Burning.

    Protecting Our Forests

    Plan to Salvage Burned Forest Brings Controversy 12/9/01

    (Burning Issues Supports the science ecology of Minshall and Koehler)

    News: New York Times on Montana Salvage plans. "While the Forest Service has portrayed an urgent need to help the forest recover and prevent damage fromerosion, some scientists say the best way for the land to heal is to be left alone. Dr. Wayne Minshal a professor of ecology at Idaho State University, has studied the effects of fire on streams for 35 years.

    While ash, mud and burned trees can kill fish and widen channels in streams in the first few years after a fire, the streams recover on their own and become biologically more robust over several more years.

    "The Forest Service is completely disregarding the value the burned trees have in helping the forest
    recover," said Matthew Koehler, an official with the Native Forest Network in Missoula and an opponent of the sale. "They are critical to soil and wildlife and they help prevent mudslides." @NYTIMES.

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