Wood smoke in Long Beach CA

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Wood smoke in Long Beach CA

Postby MarcosLB » Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:03 pm

Can't get much sympathy or respect from this crowd in the Rose Park neighborhood of Long Beach California. They all seem to want to have their fire pits even on nice evenings. (Beautiful clear winter days are just as bad with the fireplace smoke.) I have asthma and wood smoke really bothers me. Our house seems to be a magnet for smoke.

It seems hard sometimes to track down the culprit sometimes. Left a Burning Issues pamphlet on a the likely burners porch and it was returned to my porch before I could return after walking around the block. Seriously doubt whether they had time to read it. Feeling dejected and embarrassed.

It is a very warm evening and smoke continues to pour in through the open windows. Amazing that the city council bans cigarette smoking in parks, but this nonsense continues. Would really like some contact with Southern California people who share my concerns.
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Re: Wood smoke in Long Beach CA

Postby nspresident » Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:47 pm

Wood burners are bullies. I have been maintaining a wood smoke blog about the city of North St. Paul, MN since 2008 and I have gotten plenty of angry, taunting, and threatening emails since that time. You will not find many people who want to breathe smoky air everyday, and even fewer who want to breathe it inside their homes. So let that be your inspiration. But getting people into action is going to be an uphill battle. The city where I live is a bedroom community with an aged population of people who don't want to get involved. I have not been willing to put the time or money into a campaign to change the local ordinance myself. I don't really want to do more work at the end of the day. We came to the conclusion that it would be better to get out of this horrible city of North St. Paul instead of fighting for what should be a right to clean air. We have been waiting for the housing market to stabilize for two years. The housing market has not been cooperative. What you say about banning cigarette smoking but continuing to allow wood smoke pollution makes no sense as you say. Where I live, you cannot go to a bar and have a cigarette with other smokers but somebody a quarter mile away can have a smoky bonfire that blankets the entire neighborhood with heavy smoke, much heavier than the smokiest bar I have ever been in, forcing everyone to close their windows and run their air conditioners. Our electricity bills are huge. Wood smoke pollution costs us a lot of money because we and all of our neighbors have to run the air conditioning on cool summer nights due to smoky air.
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