Question For Lawyers

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Question For Lawyers

Postby BurnBan » Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:49 pm

This is not my idea someone else mentioned it years ago but seems that nothing came of it. I cant remeber who said it before me.

Can we have a Wall OF Wood Burner Shame on the internet where we put the name of the person the street name city state but just not the homes address and pictures of the horrific wood smoke they produce and when photos aren't availabel just list their info and describe their wood burning? We can also list the names and political position city and state of the politicians who laugh, mock, sneer, ignore and victimize the victims eithier overtly or by doing absolutley nothing when facts and photo evidence is sent to them.

Is it legal to do this? This would be open to anyone from any state and any country not just me posting.

(I have 80 people in my neighboorhood who burn every way possible a person can burn indoor and outdoor . There are about that many in every neighborhood in Washiongton State)
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