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Proposed Seasonal Solid Fuel Burning Ban

PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2014 8:18 pm
by Wilberforce
Utah Legal Notices

Proposed Seasonal Solid Fuel Burning Ban

As requested by Governor Gary Herbert, the Air Quality Board is seeking public comment on a proposal to ban solid fuel burning in fireplaces and wood/coal stoves from November 1st to March 15th, beginning in November of 2015. The ban is being considered as one means of improving wintertime air quality along the Wasatch Front and in the Cache Valley.

The seasonal wood burning ban is being proposed because the Wasatch Front and the Cache Valley routinely violate the federal health-based standard for particulate matter, and solid fuel burning has been found to be a significant contributor to that problem. Additionally, these areas are well served with natural gas and electricity, both of which are significantly cleaner sources of energy for home heating.

The wood burning ban would apply to:
Box Elder County: From the Wasatch Mountain range west to the Promontory Mountain range and south of Portage, with a possible exemption for sources above 7,000 ft. elevation.
Cache County: Cache Valley
Salt Lake and Davis Counties: All areas, with a possible exemption for sources above 7,000 ft. elevation.
Tooele County: From the northernmost part of the Oquirrh Mountain range to the northern most part of the Stansbury Mountain range and north of Route 199, with a possible exemption for sources above 7,000 ft. elevation.
Weber and Utah Counties: West of the Wasatch mountain range, with a possible exemption for sources above 7,000 ft. elevation.

Homeowners whose homes are heated solely by wood and are registered with the Division of Air Quality as a sole source residence would be permitted to continue heating with wood.

The Board is specifically seeking comment on the appropriateness of having a single ban period applicable in all areas, or if each area (county or nonattainment area) could have a different ban period that could have the same air quality impact. It is also seeking comment on the possibility of exempting counties where data may not support such a ban.

The 40-day public comment period will be from January 1 to February 9, 2015. Public hearings will be held at:

Tooele County Health Department - 151 N. Main St, Room #181, Tooele on 1/14/15 at 4:00PM
Utah Department of Environmental Quality - 195 N. 1950 W, Room #1015, Salt Lake City on 1/15/15 at 6:00PM
Bear River Health Department - 991 S. 800 W, Room B, Brigham City on 1/20/15 at 11:30AM
Morgan Weber Health Department - 477 23rd St, Auditorium, Ogden on 1/20/15 at 5:00PM
Logan Historic Courthouse - 199 N. Main St, Council Chambers, Logan on 1/21/15 at 4:00PM
Davis County Administration Building - 61 S. Main St, Farmington on 1/28/15 at 10:00AM
Utah County Health Department - 151 S. University Avenue, Room#1600, Provo on 1/29/15 at 11:00AM

Oral and written comments will be considered equally. You may submit written comments via e-mail to, DAQ Rules Coordinator, or mailed to:
Mark Berger DAQ P.O. Box 144820 195 North 1950 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4820

Publication Date: December 17 and 31, 2014