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Florida Smoke House

Postby burningflorida » Fri Feb 06, 2009 7:02 pm

A new trend in Florida, the Restaurant State, is to allow if not promote the use of unregulated fuel, wood and it's byproducts as a cooking fuel. Mesquite wood seems to be popular, raunchy as it is. It gives ranchers in the desert regions a market for their unwanted brush, distributed by companies like U.S. Foods. I called U.S. Foods in Tampa whop transferred me to Lakeland and told me it was available through one of their resources. I told them that I've watched it being delivered off their trucks and had photos, at which point they stopped talking. Municipalities accept a fuel source that is delivered by a distributor, verses and guy chpping wood in the back yard, the trouble is that when the fuel box is empty they can burn anything, and anything is what they burn. These emissions are not only toxic in the air, they are toxic in the food and business pays to keep the facts from public view. the health department with speak to the issue of second hand smoke coming from a cigarette or forest fire, but has nothing to say about restaurant smoke blanketing areas with toxic waste. the contradictions are obvious.

In any case this is the web blog that I built to combat our affixiation.
http://www.gulfportinflorida.com/toxic_ ... rt_fl.html
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