North St. Paul, Minnesota - The Smokiest City In The World

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North St. Paul, Minnesota - The Smokiest City In The World

Postby nspresident » Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:15 pm

I got an email about this website last year. I am now taking the time to join.

Here's a link to my blog:

I set up the blog to document the daily smoky air in the city of North St. Paul, MN, out of frustration. Every year the air gets worse. Ten years ago, recreational burning was a rarity. Nowadays, it is very common. Often, the air is so smoky you can hardly breathe. Your sinuses burn, your eyes water, and there is no way you can leave your windows open because everything in your home will smell like wood smoke when someone inevitably burns. Taking a step outside some evenings leaves your clothes reeking so badly of smoke like you spent the entire evening at a smoky bar. Sometimes, the wood smoke is so heavy you can taste it. On a few occasions, the wood smoke has been so thick it was like walking in a cloud. Interestingly, smoking indoors is now outlawed in this state. But smoking up an entire neighborhood with burning wood is still acceptable.

The city is a small suburb of St. Paul, MN. The population is about 12,000 or so spread out over 3.5 square miles. As small of a city as it is, it is incredibly smoky. Wood smoke is the main pollutant, but people also burn grass regularly and leaves in the fall. So far, the city council has been uninterested in doing anything about our air quality problems. A neighboring city (Maplewood, MN) was exploring possible restrictions on recreational burning, but I haven't read any more about it since last fall.

The toughest part about blogging about the air quality in the city isn't the time commitment. It takes only a few minutes a day to update the blog. The hardest part is the constant harassment I receive in the form of emails and blog comments. Ridicule, intimidation, and even threats of physical violence are common. For every one comment or email I get in support, I get 20 harassing comments. There is a real bully mentality out there against people who oppose unnecessary air pollution from recreational burning.

I come here seeking inspiration and strategies about getting more people to see my side of this issue. Most importantly, I am looking for ways to get those too shy to speak up about this issue to get off their hands and raise their voices to demand something be done about it.
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Postby turning_blue » Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:57 am

We have a few discussions and links here about pyromania and sociopathic behavior. So it's not unusual that many of the emails/comments that you receive on your blog are negative and harassing. The educated citizen, who is well informed of the health hazards of wood smoke and is concerned about the well being of their family and others, would not be taking part in this recreation. Wood burning IS recreational and causes unnecessary pollution. Unless one is very poor and does not have the means for more sophisticated, greener/healthier ways to heat their home and cook they should not be doing so.

Welcome to our group. We are so glad to have you joining us. ... =pyromania

You can search here for more discussions on this.
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