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Wind Power!

Postby Wilberforce » Sun Jun 08, 2008 12:45 am

Wind Power!

It is imperative to steer away from 'burning' as a primary energy source, and begin
using "carbon-neutral" sources of energy. For example: wind. In the Great Plains
region of the United States, the wind is typically constant. There is a gold mine of
free, relatively untapped wind energy in the area.

From a physics perspective, windmills require moving air to turn the blades, therefore
energy is being removed from the atmosphere. The mechanical energy which the
windmill gains equals a very slight reduction of kinetic energy in the atmosphere itself.

Multiplied by thousands of windmills, these additive energy reductions may amount to
a small reduction of overall atmospheric energy in the region, that is, a small increase
in atmospheric stability - an application of the law of conservation of energy.

Could this result in a reduction in the intensity of the worst of the storms in the region?

The region I am referring to (commonly known as "Tornado Alley") has the greatest
tornadic activity in the world. Can we thus bring about a desirable climate change:
a reduction of severe weather? This would probably disappoint the storm chasers
(fewer tornadoes to marvel at) but why not put unused wind energy to work?

Wikipedia quote:
"The Texas Panhandle has been identified as one of the fastest-growing wind-power-
producing regions in the nation over the past decade because of its strong, steady winds."

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