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World Population vs Atmospheric CO2 Level

PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 6:08 pm
by Wilberforce
                              World Population vs Atmospheric CO2 Level

There have been a lot of charts which compare atmospheric CO2 levels vs global average temperature.
I have yet to see a graph which compares CO2 levels with world population growth. So I decided to
do some research and construct my own graph, based on readily-available data from reliable online
sources. The top graph shows an exponential rise in population growth since year 1850. The lower
graph shows an exponential rise in CO2 concentration since that year. Notice the "blip" around mid-
20th century in both graphs. For those denialists that continue to reject anthropogenic causes of
global warming, just look at these two juxtaposed charts. The skeptic fails to consider that:

• The vehicles we drive emit CO2 (but this seems to be the only CO2 source in the
  public conscienceness) But also consider that:
• 6.7 billion people is a staggering number of people.
• all of these people exhale CO2
• people keep and eat animals for food, which also exhale CO2 themselves (your pets do too!)
• people must cook this food, usually by burning fuels (creating CO2)
• people must heat their living spaces (by burning fuel) and cool them (by burning coal to
  generate electricity, which also runs all of our lights, appliances, etc.
• people work in industry to manufacture products (a big CO2 generator)
• Trucks ship our goods across country, planes carry us across country, and ships carry goods
  across the ocean (why not return to the practice of having sails on ships - at least that would
  allow the diesel engine to work less, and the ship might get across the ocean on less fuel?)
• people have recreational fires in fireplaces (a fire is comparable to what your car emits, CO2-wise!)

Look very carefully at the shape of the two graphs.


CO2 image source: Wheeling Jesuit University

Re: World Population vs Atmospheric CO2 Level

PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:24 pm
by Wilberforce
video clip
The Carbon Crisis in 90 Seconds.