Indoor pollution v. outdoor pollution

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Indoor pollution v. outdoor pollution

Postby swiper » Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:41 am

What kind of science is this?
The following section comes out of a recently released report by the EPA air specialist in Tasmania, Australia.

5.5 Individual exposure to smoke
Measured ambient (outside) PM2.5 levels at a specific air station do not necessarily
directly relate to the personal exposure to smoke of any given individual
in that locality. Spatial variations in smoke concentration can mean that people
residing only a few kilometres from the measuring station may experience
very different aerosol concentrations. Additionally, people tend to be indoors at
night, which provides a measure of insulation from ambient smoke, and outside
in daytime. Given these effects, a full assessment of a given individual’s exposure
to smoke levels can really only be determined from data from a personal
exposure meter carried by the person.
However, some preliminary work aimed at identifying the differences between
ambient air concentrations and what may be experienced indoors has been undertaken.
At New Town station two older style 8520 dustraks were used in 2010
to obtain proxy PM2.5 data, one sampling outside (‘ambient’) air (as is usually
done), the other sampling inside the New Town station container building.
Consequently an indication of the effect of a person being indoors (albeit in a
small air–conditioned room, with no windows), compared to a person exposed
to ambient air, can be seen from Figure 59. The top panel of this plot shows
the ‘outside air’ PM2.5 data (blue squares) and ‘inside air’ PM2.5 data (red line)
for an example week in May 2010. The lower panel shows the ratio of these
measurements as inside
outside . Typically this ratio is of order 0.05 to 0.01 (i.e. 5 to
10%), meaning the PM2.5 concentration in the New Town container was mostly
around 5 to 10% of the ambient (outside) air value

The full EPA report can be found at:
BLANkET Technical Report 10
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Re: Indoor pollution v. outdoor pollution

Postby Shirleyb28 » Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:16 pm

I think it's called 'willful blindness'
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