Don't give up

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Don't give up

Postby swiper » Tue Aug 12, 2008 10:49 pm

Let me introduce myself as this is my first post.
I come from Tasmania in Australia, yes thats right the home of the Tasmanian devil (eat your heart out Warner Bros. :wink: )
Our forestry industries have been smoking us out every Autumn for years with their planned burns where they burn tons and tons of their residue/ rubbish, before or after logging.
They have got to the point where they just don't care about anyone else as long as they make smoke and lots of it!
This year was so bad, I ended up really ill and decided enough was enough. Not able to breathe, not physically able to do anything else except sit, I sat here at my computer and started writing and asking to meet with the 'powers to be.' I got refusals, I've had to send lots of repeat letters and the stuborn ones got them registered mail. I was feeling no one was listening. On World Environment Day they still carried out high intensity burns and that was the beginning of the end. I walked into the Environment Ministers office and tripped the fire alarm with a smoke flare.
People started to join in with me, no longer was it a solo effort. Government is listening, Health, Environmental health, Environment, politicians of all colours. The media knows who I am and what I am about. They all know i have kept my credibility and they know i am right....all I want to be able to do is breathe clean air.
Changes are in the pipleline...we will see, but as I write this I have more letters drafted on the computer ready to send. There are pockets of resistance, forestry don't like me much :) , but my message to anyone suffering from deliberate acts of particle polution no matter what its origin or source, no matter if it seems a hopeless task or if you are bullied or threatened while you are doing it; put the pressure on at what ever level you believe is necessary to bring about change.....and never ever give up.
Clean air is one of our most precious resources, essential for our survival and quality of life.
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Postby turning_blue » Sat Aug 23, 2008 7:41 pm

Thanks so much for introducing yourself and sharing your story! We are going to enjoy having your company on the board!!

You have a great website. :D

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Not giving up!!

Postby Lisa Cummings » Sun Aug 24, 2008 5:51 pm

Thank you for your post- it gets difficult at times when you feel as though you're on your own standing up for clean air in communities that don't view smoke as a problem- we are NOT alone as you can see on this site and hearing from you rekindles the "fire" we are so desperate to extinguish. I was sent an editorial from a friend who knows our OWB issue written in the Pottsville Republican Herald in PA and I wrote an opposing editorial which they actually published in today's Sunday edition. I was shocked and will be interested in the comments it generates from the "dark side". We must first and foremost educate the general public and the officials who actually CAN do something as to the dangers of woodsmoke, particularly from OWBs. Far too many people still don't know what an OWB actually is and what harm it is capable of. This site has done so much to bring awareness to the issue. The paper even put in the line about looking to "" to see what the stink is really all about. That's how the word gets out. The paper is published quite a distance from my home so I'm thankful they'd give me and this topic so much good ink :) . Keep posting, attending local meetings, writing to leaders and someday this will be just a blur...
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