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Town takes part in Air Quality meeting

PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:30 pm
by Wilberforce
Town takes part in Air Quality meeting

July 10, 2013 by Lake County Examiner

Representatives from the Town of Lakeview took part in an air quality meeting on Tuesday, June 25 to discuss the current border for air quality

When Lakeview reached high levels of particulate matter measurement, they were categorized as a “nonattainment area” and forced into restrictions by the state.

In order to get themselves into compliance with the standards set forth, the Town established an Air Quality Committee.

They developed a mandatory containment plan and set up guidelines for when wood can be burned for heat.

On green days, burning can commence without issue; on yellow days, citizens can burn but shouldn’t, and on red days, citizens should not burn at all unless burning is their only source of heat.

The monitoring of particulate matter (PM) is done at the monitoring center on the corner of Center and South L street, where it is tracked on an hourly basis.

Since 2007, according to Town Mgr. Ray Simms, the Town started measuring at a rate of 2.5 PM.

The Town developed a voluntary 5-year program that would see it get below the 35 micrograms per meter threshold to prevent another nonattainment stamp, which would hurt businesses, their potential, and the potential for them to expand or move into Lakeview.

At Lakeview’s air quality meeting, they looked at a map from the California border to the north of Lakeview, to determine their boundaries, but determined it wasn’t a good border.

The goal is to ease complications regarding the boundary, and the proposed does nothing to that effect.

They plan to develop a new one, and proposing a new, larger management area for wood smoke.

They are also attempting to bring money to the table that would help people replace their districts, and to look into alternative heating techniques such as fuel and geothermal heat pumps.

“We are at 37 and we only have to get (down) to 35,” said Simms, “So drastic measures are not needed.”

The Town is looking into other more environmental friendly tools such as bio bricks.

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