Ban Hydronic Heaters Now in Fairbanks and North Pole

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Ban Hydronic Heaters Now in Fairbanks and North Pole

Postby Wilberforce » Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:44 pm

Ban Hydronic Heaters Now in Fairbanks and North Pole
Patrice Lee Fairbanks, AK

My son Alex can’t live without clean air. After enduring six surgeries, Alex’s heart is extremely sensitive to fine particle air pollution. As a mom, I've struggled to give Alex and every vulnerable individual—old, young, athlete, asthmatic, to name a few--the clean air we all so desperately need. Thanks to leadership from members of the Assembly, our community now has a chance to stop air pollution from a few hundred, highly polluting sources. Please help Alex and thousands of vulnerable residents by signing the letter for Ordinance 2016-21 to ban unlisted hydronic heaters in the Fairbanks and North Pole Air Quality Zone. The air we breathe in the Fairbanks North Star Borough is dangerous. According to the EPA, we're exposed to the nation's highest 24-hour concentrations of small particle air pollution. Studies of communities exposed to lower levels of PM2.5 have found life threatening harm in the form of heart and lung disease, brain changes including lowered IQ and memory loss, developmental delays in children from prenatal exposure, cancer, immune system damage, and sudden death from stroke. Much of the local air pollution is from several hundred highly polluting hydronic heaters (also called “boilers”) that can burn large amounts of wood, coal, and even garbage. In response to public alarm, Assembly members Matt Cooper and Van Lawrence sponsored Ordinance 2016-21 to ban all unlisted outdoor/indoor hydronic heaters in the Air Quality Zone in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. I agree with the sponsors: If we don’t get rid of unlisted hydronic heaters, Fairbanks will never solve its air pollution problem. Please sign on to the following letter to the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly and Mayor Karl Kassel. I'll be in touch about testifying at the April 14, 2016 public hearing. For my family and yours, thank you. Patrice Lee More information... Proposed ordinance, public hearing April 14, 2016: ... 016-21.pdf Current FNSB code: ... B0821.html FDNM 3/22/2016: ... 717f2.html Citizens for Clean Air on Facebook: ... 6281552859
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Mayor Karl Kassel
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• The Surgeon General has determined that there is no safe level of exposure to ambient smoke!

• If you smell even a subtle odor of smoke, you are being exposed to poisonous and carcinogenic chemical compounds!

• Even a brief exposure to smoke raises blood pressure, (no matter what your state of health) and can cause blood clotting, stroke, or heart attack in vulnerable people. Even children experience elevated blood pressure when exposed to smoke!

• Since smoke drastically weakens the lungs' immune system, avoiding smoke is one of the best ways to prevent colds, flu, bronchitis, or risk of an even more serious respiratory illness, such as pneumonia or tuberculosis! Does your child have the flu? Chances are they have been exposed to ambient smoke!
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