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Picture posting

Postby Wilberforce » Sun Mar 15, 2009 6:36 pm

You can post pictures (thru a third-party such as Photobucket or your own site)
If you post pictures, be sure to down-sample them so that they are not larger
than 100KB or so, or else dialup folks can't get them quickly. Smaller is better.
Be sure the resolution is 72 ppi (Mac) or 96 ppi (Windows)

You can link to pictures on other sites by right-clicking "Copy Image Location" (Firefox) and inserting [img] tags.
For Internet Explorer, you have to extract the image url from the web page source code (View > source)
hint: search for *.jpg or *.gif on the page. (Again, be sure the image is not too large)

Be sure the maximum image width is 700 pixels (or less) as our software will cut off the right side of an image
which is more than this dimension (sorry about that folks.) No limit on height pixels (within reason)

Please do not post off-topic or otherwise inappropriate images.
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