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Please send money.

Postby pm2.5mary » Sat Dec 15, 2007 9:09 pm
A project of Clean Air Revival, Inc.

December 15, 2007

Dear Contacts and Forum Watchers:

Once again I am writing to ask you to consider sending a tax deductible contribution to help the work of Clean Air Revival, Inc. (CAR, Inc.), a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that is registered in the state of California. Our IRS identification number is 94-3138737. Please be as generous as you are able. You can make a donation by check or through a PayPal button on the site. Either way we will send you a tax receipt.

We urgently need pm2.5 monitoring equipment: cost $4,825. We need video equipment: cost? We need operating funds to maintain the website, continue research and to complete an updated bibliography.

What have we done so far? As you are probably aware, over the past twenty years since we started at my kitchen table, our board has realized that we can best use our limited resources to fight pollution from burning solid fuels (wood, crops, tires, garbage, etc.) by helping to raise awareness through education about the health effects of wood burning and solid fuel combustion. Thus, we have monitored, published, educated and encouraged papers about neighborhood wood burning and crop burning. We have established and maintained the leading site on the world wide web for science and health information about fine particulate pollution from wood smoke. The science is furthered as hundreds of people have been empowered to stand up against energy insanity of their governments at all levels. They provide the web information and then they create more public education materials. Government agencies link to our website and quote it. They can do this knowing that and the new additional sites that we have helped encourage worldwide are there, day in and day out, year in and year out.

Why are we doing all of this? Because all smoke kills. We want to clean up the air right where you live and work. Your neighborhood air is important to us no matter where you live.

Our job is far from finished. We urgently need pm2.5 monitoring equipment: cost $4,825. We need video equipment: cost? We need operating funds to maintain the website, continue research and to complete an updated bibliography. We have a strong beginning, we have the science, we have dedicated volunteers, and our office is equipped with an updated Mac computer that has video capability. November was typical. 65,000 people used the website. Contributions to support the full time office, educational development and outreach came from four donors and equaled $250. December has had no donations so far! Our funding does not even support maintaining the website. Visitors are coming to it by the thousands yet our funding has actually diminished.

The Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association has been emboldened, as they say on their website, there is no end in sight for sales. The US EPA helps them under many programs and Medicare subsidizes the increased health care costs that wood burning causes. We must change that. Our governments must be lead to make energy decisions to support truly clean energy such as solar, wind and geothermal technologies that are healthy for each and every citizen. They need to control recreational activities that endanger the air rights of others.

Our focus in 2007 was to update the entire website and to maintain the forum on the website. We have also provided assistance for Dr. Wayne Ott, Stanford University. He has completed what we began, with 12 years of neighborhood monitoring. At recent Bay Area Air Quality Management District meetings, he presented comparisons showing that 2006 was as bad as 1994. (see below). The new wood stove initiative pushed for these 12 years by industry and the BAAQMD and the US EPA did not clear the air at all. When we have had clean air in the winter in the bay area it was due to rain and wind! We also have responded to each and every person coming to us for help. We created a new brochure and have others in the works. Google has encouraged our efforts with free web ads and now is set to give a Google endorsement to fund raise on our site. They are also encouraging us to start posting video clips up on YouTube. This is timely. It is time to show the world that particulate pollution is a killer. We need to be thinking in terms of a documentary, and a book. We need to be thinking about accepting the challenge of publishing in scientific journals and having representation at key conferences.

In the coming year, as part of our 'Know Your Air' project we hope to generate video clips that we will post on the net.

We also urge you to consider designating CAR, Inc. as the recipient of memorial gifts.

With best wishes to you and yours for very happy, safe and healthy holidays and a Smoke Free New Year: 2008

Mary J. Rozenberg
Clean Air Revival, Inc.
PO Box 1045
Point Arena, CA 95468
"Particulate pollution is the most important contaminant in our air. ...we know that when particle levels go up, people die. " (Joel Schwartz, Ph.D., Harvard School of Public Health, E Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2002)
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