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Forum Rules For All Posters

Postby Wilberforce » Sat Jan 26, 2008 1:23 am

Forum Rules For All Posters

(1) This forum is about airborne particle matter pollution. Any topic related to this is fair game. For example,
while the main focus is on wood fire smoke, occasionally someone may wish to post something about diesel,
industrial, or even tobacco pollution. Any article which deviates too far from this may not be of interest to
our readers. People 'tune in' to this site for a reason — it is not to hear your political or religious views!

(2) It is okay to present your theories and opinions. That is the function of this forum. You have a right
to your opinion. But be aware that your personal inferences are your own, and you should present them as such.

(3) Do not present your personal opinions or ideas as being scientific fact. Anything presented as scientific
fact must be backed with reliable references. An exception to this is where an expert in their field, with proper
credentials, presents expert opinion as a guest writer. Another exception is a topic on which there is common
knowledge. For example, there is no need to prove that the sun rises in the east. Everyone already knows this
fact, and no one can possibly dispute it. Rather it is the often dubious, or otherwise unknown scientific claims,
which need to include proof. This website is about good science, not outlandish, unproven claims and ideas.
Do not present your own unsubstantiated pet theories as being scientific fact, because all you will accomplish
is to make yourself look foolish, as well as the good possibility of getting your posting deleted entirely.

(4) Please keep essays as short as you can, unless you truly have a lot to say, in which case, try to use proper
writing techniques. For example, please do not write a 5000 word essay and jam the entire thing into just one
paragraph! This makes for difficult reading, thus your effort may only turn away the reader. Please do not go
on and on with some high-minded philosophical tirade or ceaseless fanatical diatribe at the expense of the
tolerance and attention of the reader. People do not wish to read page upon page of pointless prattle. One
former poster appeared to have copy /pasted several pages directly out of a book! (We don't have the
bandwidth to re-publish entire books here!)

(5) Ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated in any shape or form. You don't win debates by berating your
opponent's credentials or intellect in a civilized discussion. Not agreeing with someone is no reason to
downgrade them personally. Therefore your writing can be critical of your opponent's idea but not the person.
This will include any insults made on our group as a whole, as well as any single individual. Any baiting or
persecution of anyone here, even in a subtle way, may result in deleted postings and possible future
prohibitions of posting.

(6) Postings are subject to censorship. Even one sentence containing abusive or undesirable elements such
as profanity, sexually-suggestive remarks, or violence-suggestive remarks, will be surgically removed from
the post at my own discretion. We are not quick to completely delete postings which have a preponderance
of modest, sensible content, but please be careful what you write. Freedom of speech on this forum is not absolute.

(7) There will be no advertising, nor specific promotions of wood or coal burning appliances, boilers, firewood,
nor references to any outside organization having to do with the generation of nanoparticle pollution. This
includes manufacturers of internal-combustion engine-driven vehicles and appliances, as well as all types of
tobacco products. This includes tobacco substitutes (e-cigarettes, etc) Spam will be deleted immediately. Spam
does not necessarily need to be off-topic (of this forum's content) in order to be targeted. Anyone posting spam,
(or is blacklisted as a known spammer) may be barred from posting.

(8) The posting of hypertext links (http) is permitted on this forum, but any individual who knowingly and
maliciously posts links to sites generating, or containing, computer maladies such as viruses, worms, trojan
horses, etc, may find themselves in a not-so friendly conversation with the proper authorities.

(9) Trolls. A troll is a person who enters a discussion, often rudely, with the sole intent of being disruptive,
discourteous, even unreasonably critical of the discussion taking place. The troll may make a vague negative
comment or critical remark. But he may have nothing constructive to offer, no point to be made, no counterpoint,
in fact he contributes nothing which is actually useful or interesting at all. The comment may be irrelevant,
thoughtless, malicious, or sarcastic. Trolls may find themselves being politely asked to leave us alone. We have
much more important things to do here, than to waste our time debating with these annoying people, who need
to learn proper manners and social skills. Hear this: new member trolls will not get their dubious comment through
moderation. Don't even waste your time, because your post will be deleted.

(10) We retain the right to edit or delete anyone's posting, at any time, for any reason, without warning or
notice to the poster. Members themselves can also be banned without warning, depending upon the seriousness
of the infraction. Please obey our ten commandments and you will be privileged to post here.

(NOTE) If any forum member notices spam, broken links, abusive or other inappropriate material having been
posted, or if there are any complaints, however small, just send me a personal message. I'm here to help you,
if I can do so. We now have forum moderators who can handle problems as well. Please PM them if I am not available.

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