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Obnoxious Posters

Postby Wilberforce » Mon May 05, 2008 11:42 am

Obnoxious Posters

This message board is intended for the public at large. Anyone may join, and express their views.
Contrary to the opinions of those who have views differing from our own, we do not "kick out" posters
who have opposing points of view, merely because we do not agree with what they have to say.

But if someone signs up here and immediately starts attacking our point of view in an obnoxious
especially if that person launches personal attacks on our members, that poster will be
shown the exit door in very short order.

Please give us something useful to read, or begin a courteous debate on something here which you
don't agree with - DO NOT come in here like a roaring tiger and "tell us off." That will get you nowhere!

A message to such people: (you know who you are) this forum is a place where people are visiting
in order to learn about air pollution. Most of them have been, or are at present, victimized by
horrific amounts of residential air pollution. Many have sought relief from their town governmental
bodies, to no avail. Maybe they cannot afford legal representation. They may have no recourse,
but to live (and die) with the unchecked invasion of airborne poisons on to their private properties.
Some of these people have been told to "wear a gas mask" or even to "move out." Sadly, that is a
true story; some folks here actually have been forced out of their homes by reckless air polluters!

This website offers much information (not "made-up" information - I won't allow that here) as well
as hope and moral support for those victims. We are here to help people who have been tortured
by smoke pollution in their homes and yards. That is our mission.
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