Is Wood a Cheaper Alternative? (see pics)

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Is Wood a Cheaper Alternative? (see pics)

Postby MPA » Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:21 pm

I posted this on my blog on my website and thought I would share it here as well. To see my blog:


While traveling to see family for Thanksgiving, we stumbled upon this advertisement at a gas station in southern Illinois. Remember the biggest argument from Outdoor Wood Boiler owners and the sales ploy by Outdoor Wood Boilers manufacturers?

Wood is a renewable energy and is so CHEAP, I save so much more money buying wood than I do using oil, natural gas, or propane.

Prices of oil has dropped rapidly in the last few months, but guess what wood prices haven't dropped at all, they have actually almost doubled in the last few years.

Well by doing a quick google search I found few examples of prices on cords of wood and how much they cost

Example 1:

FIREWOOD FOR SALE Green $200/cord. Season $300/cord. 16"-24" length.

*remember aren't we not supposed to NOT use "green" wood?

Example 2:

For the 2008 heating season I have approximately 20 cords of mixed hard woods for sale. The tree species include apple,cherry, elm, honey locus, maples, oak and a small amount of cedar. 2008 Fall & Winter prices by the 1/2 cord ($150), full cord ($250)or multiple cords ($220).

Example 3:
$350, Seasoned Cord wood / Firewood Cut Split Hardwood-
New England Hardwood... Seasoned Firewood for Residential and Commercial use. 24mths , Cut, split, 16” .
Cord Wood
Fire Wood
Delivery Extra Depending on Location

The gas station was charging $3.99 for about four pieces of wood. Yes FOUR pieces of wood.

That will last a whole 5 hours in the burner.

So let's have a quick math lesson here kiddies:

If a cord of wood costs at minimum $250 dollars (as you can see prices vary) and an Outdoor Wood Boiler uses 6-8 cords of wood a year in a heating season(this of course varies due to location) how much money is spent in wood alone?


$250(low total) X 7 = $1,750

So I can almost bet you can heat your house for that much in a heating season, I know I certainly can.

So once again as I mentioned in the previous blog entry, don't believe the propaganda that OWB manufacturers and owners sell to you. It is all bogus.


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Postby Wilberforce » Sun Nov 30, 2008 11:36 pm

Another reason not to burn wood:

Wood Has Relatively Poor Heating Value ... .php?t=655
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Costs of wood heat.

Postby Ernest Grolimund » Tue Dec 02, 2008 9:53 am

Thanks guys. This argument must be beaten. Thanks Pm2.5Mary too. The economic impact articles on the main website are appreciated. There may be other costs not considered.

A neighbor heated with wood in the past and ruptered a disc splitting wood. Disability, pain, lifetime problem. He says, "Never again". Big mistake. My free wood from my own woods has cost me a fortune in medical and chiropractic bills and fish oil to kill the pain and stop the inflammation.

Someone burns in an OWB. A worker dies of a heart attack. The city refuses to investigate. Dr. Brown says excessive wood smoke can
cause heart attacks. ALA agrees. DEP agrees. State toxicologist agrees. But no action.

One mans life is worth about $1 million in lost wages alone and this affects state and local taxes. People move, property values go down up to 25% according t NY Times article on a Chicapee OWB. The ALA spoke at a taskforce for wood energy and said it would pay for the state to pay $1,500 for changeouts. Budget cuts and problems will stop this and the program will take 20 years according to Sen. Collins. But the $1,500 figure was thrown out there to show the state would benefit by removing the old equioment somehow. They can't go as far as CAR for a total wood ban, but they recommend something. They also leave out the cost for air pollution equipment and all the city schools want to burn green wood of course in their chip boilers.

Maine action to build was delayed by government studies of pollution advocated by me and others. Now, oil is 50% less and the wood burning program is basically cut for now. No building, only studying. Money to study and promote is cut for now at the state level but could come back.

Now is the time to press for the woodburning laws and restrictions or ban, whatever can be achieved. There will be less arguing over money now. But you should have seen all the pellet salesman and firewood salesman and wood chip salesman and equipment salesmen who controlled the wood to energy task force for awhile.
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Postby Wilberforce » Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:18 am

The wood boiler industry is just like the tobacco and alcohol industry: business as usual, public health be damned.
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Wow, that is some expensive wood

Postby Stuart » Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:43 am

Up here is the boonies of northern Minnesota it runs much cheaper, I paid $90 a cord for four cords of maple, but I had to buck it up and split it. Cut and split it would probably be double that.

I really think if you want to reduce wood burning in the long run then renewable electricity is the way to go. I just wish our electric grid was more reliable.

Personally, I want on of these:
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lost wages

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