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Holiday Donation Appeal 2006

Dear Friends of Air:

Every minute a new person arrives at the burningissues.org website.

Is eliminating wood smoke pollution important to you? Have you been helped by the information on the http://burningissues.org website? Has it made you feel less alone and more informed in your struggle to fight wood smoke pollution invading your life and your home or work place? Has it encouraged your sense of entitlement to clean air?

Our aim is that the website be there for you as a tool and resource that is up to date and connected with the other wood smoke pollution fighters around the world. To that aim Clean Air Revival, Inc. was born, by activists young and old, rich and poor. To help with the exchange and education we started a forum on the website 2 months ago. One thread has reached over 7000 viewers! This is a great education tool. It has increased traffic to the site and this month we are getting more than 1,700 individuals a day to the burningissues.org site! In doing our wood smoke education work I have supplied scientific information to the EPA and to Elliot Spitezer's office about OWBS. We have monitored particulate matter, attended scientific conferences and are members of professional societies.

We secured a small grant to make the site look more professional. We will have to redo the entire site. It will be a huge amount of work to get it up and working and it will be close to impossible without a new MAC PRO and updated software. In addition streams of new information that need to be posted are coming in daily. Our 7 year old MAC would make the job longer and slower and fraught with difficulties.

Our goal is to enable activists to win their right to clean air back. Our donations do not seem to reflect that our progress and 20 years of work and leadership are appreciated. Our donation average has been $3 a day in 2006, not enough to cover the expense of running this office or to upgrade equipment. All donations go directly to equipment and operating expenses, there are no salaries. We all prioritize how and what we support. Is this issue important enough for you to help us by donating time, money, or equipment?

You may donate online with PayPal (see the button at the bottom of our home page) or send a check to the address below. Checks can be made out to Clean Air Revival, Inc. You will receive a tax receipt and our tax ID # on request. Please send your tax deductible contribution to:

Burning Issues

PO Box 1045

Point Arena, CA 95468

Every tax deductible contribution will help us do the job of providing the best possible support to you.

Please let us know if you wish to be acknowledged for your donation or to remain a silent supporter.

May your holidays and the new year be filled with the peace and security of clean air in your neighborhoood and home and place of work.


Mary J. Rozenberberg and the Clean Air Revival, Inc. Volunteers.

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