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"To summarize bluntly, any increase in fine particles in the atmosphere kills someone. The victims remain nameless, but they have been deprived of life all the same." (Montague, 1994)

One burner in Novato, CA ( see picture on far right)

pollutes all the air in his neighborhood. Photo courtesy of non burning neighbor, George Amaroli. He describes this day as a delightful fall sweater day. His home was comfortable with no heat. However due to the smoke he could not walk or work outside in his garden. Inside he ran air cleaners but could still smell smoke.

Source: California air Resources Board, 2003

From San Jose Mercury News, Sat., Dec. 2, 1995 "You can carry a torch of NASA"

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The dirtiest air in the United States, warm climate, wood for sale in Malibu, CA. (picture taken 1999).

 Berks County, PA

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