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Rosemary Fox We Have Not Forgotten Your Suffering

A Study in Denial. California
One of our first members of Burning Issues was Rosemary Fox, she was retired and too old and sick (Lupus Patient) to move when her neighbor, a former Berkeley Cop, installed a wood stove with a stack that vented directly into her house at window level from 20 feet away. Rosemary died of hypertensive heart disease five years later. The Bay Area Air Quality District never came to her aid.

She worked from her kitchen table to try to warn others about the dangers of smoke inhalation.. She worked until she could no longer walk to the mail box. She described having to lie on the floor some nights in order to breathe at all. Pleas to the neighbor, to her attorney, to the California Air Resources Board, to the fell on deaf ears until five months before her death. She was sick and she was embarrassed about the way that she looked and would not expose herself to reporters. Death Certificate

Who killed Rosemary Fox? Was it the cop who wouldn't stop burning, was it the employees of the air district who assured him the right to burn, was it the County Supervisors and Town Mayors of the Board of the Air District who turned their heads and hearts away from her plight? Was it the fault of the California State Air Resources Board who refused to help. Was it the fault of the congressional Representatives who answered her letters with their circular replies.

They sent her back to Burning Issues.

They sent her back to the Air district!

All of these representatives of the people act as if their neighborhoods and shopping areas don't reek of this toxic and acrid smoke for months on end. They act as if they have no responsibility to ensure that our laws work to protect everyone, including the sick and the elderly


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