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Wood Smoke Scientific Information

Preface by Dr. Wayne Ott, Stanford University, March, 2001. (or pdf format)

An Introduction to Wood Smoke Particles in the 21st Century by Mary J. Rozenberg, Dec. 2001 (or pdf format)

Medical Effects of Smoke Particles

Medical Effects of Combustion Chemicals

Exposure to Wood Smoke

Sources of Fine Particulate Pollution:

Wood Smoke 101

Coal Power Plant Study by DOE in Pittsburgh, PA Wood Burning is double the fine particulate pollution of the power plant.

World Trade Center Smoke Analysis

Biomass Burning: Forest Fires, Grass Fires, Crop Fires

Analysis Of Grass Seed Field Straw, Jeffrey A. Corkill, Ph. D., Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Wa 99004 OCT. 1996


Fact Sheets. A Summary of some of the above information

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