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Appeal for Contributions

Thank you for sharing our dream and vision of really clean air all the time. We appreciate your interest in making clean air and your health a priority. We need to increase awareness of how burning spreads deadly particulate pollution around us - especially in our homes and neighborhoods.

Burning Issues is a project of Clean Air Revival, Inc., a 501C-3 non profit organization dedicated to research and education on clean energy and aerosol pollution. Clean Air Revival, Inc. is registered with the Registry of Charitable Trusts in the State of California. Our organization number is #1686895.

Please use the information you find here. Share it with every one you know. If we could cut woodburning alone it would reduce our respirable particles 40 to 60% on most winter days. Sincere thanks for your support on this pioneering effort.

We need your help to help you. Membership is $35 per year. To contribute make checks payable to : BURNING ISSUES. All contributions are tax deductible.

Burning Issues has no paid staff. Our 1,200 square foot office is donated. Every bit of every dollar contributed helps to further research and public education about the dangers of wood smoke pollution.

Want to see your dollars working in your home town? Place a classified ad with a short message and our website address <http://burningissues.org> in your local paper.


Burning Issues
Box 1045
Point Arena CA 95468
Tel: 707-882-3601
Email: [pm10mary at mcn dot org]

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