This project was funded in part by the Tensor Foundation, the Sierra Club Foundation, The Strong Foundation, The Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter, and members of its Air Quality committee, and Clem Wang, Keith and Linda Bissell, Don and Mary Rozenberg, Pat Zuch, Rick and Debbie Barth, The Brothers Foundation; David and Janet Morrison; Donna and Lewis Starr, Louis Lowery, Jamie Casebar, Nurtchia Silencio, Mary Powers and members of Burning Issues, a project of CLEAN AIR REVIVAL, INC.

I would especially like to thank: Dr. Robert Phalen and Dr. Michael Kleinman of UC Irvine Dept of Public Health for bringing together over 200 scientists for the first ever Colloquium on Particles: Mortality & Morbidity in 1994. Dr. Wayne Ott, US EPA and Dept. Of Statistics, Stanford University for extensive technical assistance and loans of equipment and four years of neighborhood monitoring. Naydene Maykut, Puget Sound Air District for designing the protocol for the monitoring and for technical support. Ray Weiss of Radiance Research; Leon Langan of Langan Products Inc., Dr. Lynn Hildemann, Dept. Of Civil Engineering, and Dr. Paul Switzer, Dept.of Statistics, Stanford University; Greg Markowski; Barry Boulton, and Ann Harding of the LP Chapter of the Sierra Club, Linda Powell of the Sierra Club Foundation; Bishop Richard Millard & San Jose State Environmental Program Intern Students Rosie Dyste and Cynthia Rittenhouse.

I would like to thank Dorothy L Robinson, Ph.D.
Armidale Air Quality Group
<>> for the excellent website and research. See links.

I would like to especially thank Donald P. Rozenberg, Ph.D., for his endless technical and financial support.

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