BurningIssues.org provides public education about the medical hazards of exposure to wood smoke and other fine particulate pollution. Smoke from residential burning of wood and coal, wood burning restaurants and outdoor burning of wood, leaves, crops, tires and debris is permeating our neighborhoods, resulting in high ground-level concentrations of toxic air pollution.

Clean Air Revival, Inc. is a non-profit 501 c3 volunteer organization dedicated to research and education on particulate aerosol pollution and its deadly effects on living things. We advocate life-long good health by breathing clean air and planned avoidance of smoke creation.

All combustion results in very fine micro particulate and there is no safe level of this asbestos sized deadly debris. Solid fuels produce many orders of magnitude more smoke than cleaner fuels.

"Particulate pollution is the most important contaminant in our air. ...we know that when particle levels go up, people die. " (Joel Schwartz, Ph.D., Harvard School of Public Health, E Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2002)

Being at home in a smoky neighborhood is as dangerous as driving in a car. The yearly death rate is comparable. Smoky neighborhoods pose an involuntary hazard that has gone on for decades.

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News Release: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency: Dec. 18, 2006:...Some people who don't own wood stoves are enticed by thoughts of combating rising natural gas prices. However, Vince Chavez from the Minnesota Department of Commerce and Energy says that "conservatively, residential natural gas prices for the upcoming heating season should be 15-20 percent less than last year." If your goal is to save money on heating -- adding insulation, sealing air leaks, upgrading your furnace, windows or doors may save more money in the long run than adding a wood stove which could easily cost $1,500-$2,500 with installation."

That cozy fire isn't so comfy after all: Wood smoke leads to particle pollution, which leads to lung disease, heart attacks and strokes -- with children most at risk. 12/30/06 By Jenny Bard of ALA, Santa Rosa, CA .

Being at home in a smoky neighborhood is as dangerous as driving in a car. The yearly death rate is comparable. Smoky neighborhoods pose an involuntary hazard that has gone on for decades. Smoke Gets in Their House and Lungs. Ask the Experts: Seattle Times

Announcement: The first complete resource on Exposure Analysis PDF (1MB) The publisher (Taylor & Francis) Edited by Ott, Steinmann & Wallace.

Important Wood Smoke Education Sites: French Canadian Site English Site:Smoke from home fires is a killer. Please don't miss Armidale Air Quality Group, Australia's site. Great USA sites: New England site

Outdoor wood burning fireplaces and firepits are selling like hot cakes all around the United States. Special Report

Featured Reports: Outdoor Wood Boilers

Particulate "Air Pollution Increases Death Risk In People With Certain Diseases."
May 22, 2006, Source: American Thoracic Society.

World Health Organization: 2 million premature deaths every year due to air pollution. They urge cleaning up the air. October 2006

An EPA Report shows that certified wood stoves deteriorate over time. Also see similar results from tests in New Zealand. Go to the Armidale, AU site above.

Wood fired power plants rain deadly fine particulate. Are they better for the environment?

Featured Report from Australia on Dangers of Cooking Over Wood (PDF256KB)

Featured Health Science: Reuters Health, July 2005, Wood smoke from heating and cooking raises lung cancer risk. "... our findings demonstrate that wood smoke could produce similar effects on p53, phospho-p53, and MDM2 protein expression as tobacco.… It is important to consider wood smoke exposure as a possible risk factor for the development of lung cancer in nonsmoker subjects."

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, Friday, January 2, 2004, ©2004 San Francisco Chronicle : "The air district and the California Air Resources Board plan a joint effort to reduce particulate matter. We can reduce this pollutant in our neighborhoods by eliminating wood-burning in fireplaces and woodstoves." JACK BROADBENT, Executive Officer, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, San Francisco

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