2000 EPA report on the certifed stoves

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2000 EPA report on the certifed stoves

Postby FriendofAir » Wed Mar 14, 2007 9:42 pm

Below is a portion of a EPA report on the certified stoves. It does show that they degrade, some rather quickly.

The full report can be seen on a PDF with the link below. Are there any reports that are more current?...

The EPA in a 2000 report revisits the 1992 wood stoves (phase II) study.
Long-Term Performance of EPA-Certified Phase 2 WOODSTOVES, Klamath Falls and Portland Oregon: 1998-1999, EPA/600/R-00/100

Key Facts:

The stoves deteriorate with use, emission rates for phase 2 stove models in original tests are not representitive of emission levels of the same stove models in homes after extended use. Preliminary analysis of table 3-12 of the report seems to indicate that on average the EPA certified 'phase II' wood stoves are 175% dirtier than they were certified to be. (See Chart 3-12 below.)

The study leader said in March of 1990: "In localities where wood is the predominant house heating fuel, wood stoves have been shown to contribute as much as 80% of the ambient PM10 (fine particle) concentrations during winter months.

This study shows that the new technology stoves do not achieve the emission reduction expected. Some models were experiencing degraded emission control performance after only a few months use. "the relatively poor showing of the control technologies was very disappointing." ( In-House Performance of New Technology Wood stoves, EPA/600/D-90/026, Robert C. McCrillis, EPA/600/D-90/026)

The full report:

Anything out there more current?
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Postby xarmynsdq » Mon Mar 19, 2007 9:16 pm

ok, i just wasted a good amount of time reading the report, key statement i see is on page 40 "it was, however, noted by the inspector,that in general,routine stove maintenance had not been done and that this maintenance and/or minor repairs would have kept all stoves in acceptable working condition" the way i read that statement is that the units selected for this test were not kept in proper working order. this is consistant with taking a new car , driving it for 50k miles without regular oil changes or other scheduled maintenance then checking its emmissions levels , of course they will be higher, because the engine was worn out from lack of being kept up. all this study shows is that if a unit is run into the ground and not kept up it will not burn as clean. but note in the conclusion on page 65 "the particulate emmissions factors of the certified phase 2 stoves evaluated in this study appear to have become higher with use, but after about seven years, on the average,they still have lower emmissions than uncertified conventional stoves"

any more "studies" you want me to look at?
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Postby begreen9 » Mon Mar 19, 2007 9:36 pm

This report corroborates the need for good information about stove maintenance which I also advocate. We'd see the same degrading results from cars if they weren't well maintained.
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