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Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Kitchens

PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:06 pm
by Wilberforce

Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Kitchens
E. Shirin Hima Bindu, Mahalakshmi V.Reddy

The findings of this work show that the environmental conditions between different types of commercial kitchens
can vary considerably. However, whilst the sample size of 15 is thought to be too small to be a representative sample
population of such premises, the findings may be used as an indication of the extreme environmental conditions that
the cooks could be subjected to. A larger sample population would provide a more accurate assessment of the
contaminant levels and environmental conditions. Workplace risk factors and potential long-term impact of poor indoor
air quality on the lives of cooks demonstrate the need for intervention strategies viz., personal protective equipment,
ergonomically designed kitchen and good ventilation systems aimed at reducing its effect on the cooks.