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PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 5:56 pm
by Wilberforce

The so-called "cfact" site is a sham website. Cfact claims to be "protecting the earth" and an advocate for "reducing pollution" and so forth.
Yet if you go through their articles with a fine-tooth comb, you begin to see that they are really a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing on matters of
human health and environment. Cfact writers are actually climate-change deniers, fossil-fuel industry shills, anti-regulation, anti-alternative energy, rely only on quack scientists while being denigraters of real scientists, and are right-wing political hacks and are even outright liars.

There are no real 'facts' whatsoever to be found on that site. It is chock-full of false propaganda and disinformation.
But don't take my word for it; check for yourself!

At the heart of CFACT, our goal is to enhance the fruitfulness of the earth and all of its inhabitants. CFACT accomplishes this through four main strategies:

Prospering Lives. CFACT works to help people find better ways to provide for food, water, energy and other essential human services.
Promoting Progress. CFACT advocates the use of safe, affordable technologies and the pursuit of economic policies that reduce pollution and waste, and maximize the use of resources.
Protecting the Earth. CFACT helps protect the earth through wise stewardship of the land and its wildlife.
Providing Education. CFACT educates various sectors of the public about important facts and practical solutions regarding environmental concerns.