CO2 in the atmosphere

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CO2 in the atmosphere

Postby Wilberforce » Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:39 pm

Carbon dioxide dangers proven ... =mirelated

Here are theories of two famous 19th century scientists on global warming:
(yes they were talking about it way back then!)

Svante Arrenius' theory on CO2 ... nius_2.php

A Letter from Lord Kelvin to my great-grandfather ... etter.html


The Keeling Curve
This figure shows the history of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations as directly measured
at Mauna Loa, Hawaii. This curve is known as the Keeling curve, and is an essential piece of evidence
of the man-made increases in greenhouse gases that are believed to be the cause of global warming.
The longest such record exists at Mauna Loa, but these measurements have been independently
confirmed at many other sites around the world [1].

The annual fluctuation in carbon dioxide is caused by seasonal variations in carbon dioxide uptake by
land plants. Since many more forests are concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere, more carbon dioxide
is removed from the atmosphere during Northern Hemisphere summer than Southern Hemisphere
summer. This annual cycle is shown in the inset figure by taking the average concentration for each
month across all measured years.

The grey curve shows the average monthly concentrations, and red curve is a moving 12 month average.

In other words, the short fluctuation gray line is earth's contribution to atmospheric carbon dioxide.
The red steady curve is man's contribution to atmospheric carbon dioxide. "Earth's contribution" is
one of subtraction, that is, seasonal absorption of CO2 by plants in temperate climate zones.
From the evidence given, it looks as though Earth is losing the battle.

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Re: CO2 in the atmosphere

Postby Wilberforce » Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:05 pm

Arrhenius 1896 paper (PDF)

On the Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air upon the Temperature of the Ground
Svante Arrhenius
Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science
Series 5, Volume 41, April 1896, pages 237-276. ... henius.pdf
We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change
By Al Gore
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Re: CO2 in the atmosphere

Postby rockwill » Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:27 am


The carbon in soil is in the form of rotting plant and animal material which cannot be used directly by plants and is broken down by microorganisms to release carbon dioxide into the air.
The roots of a plant absorb a tiny amount of carbon dioxide from the little air spaces around them but I think that still counts as air or atmosphere. It's carbon in a gaseous form anyway. No solid, liquid or aqueous carbon is absorbed by roots.
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