Will This New Filter Technology Work?

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Will This New Filter Technology Work?

Postby BurnBan » Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:51 pm

Building code/inspectors requireing us to put in an air exchanger because they are concerned about indoor air quality. What a laugh when they totally ignore wood burning as an air problem!

Sooo we opted for a heat exhanger instead of just air exchanger to at least save off the heat they are requiring us to pump out . BUT they require that it also pull smokey air inside too!

(We dont have a furnace. We have radient heat so these will be hooked up to the heat exchanger vented to the outside not a furnace.)

We need a whole house air purifier system that will actually work for wood smoke from stoves, rec fires, debris burning etc. If we are being forced to spend thousands at least we should install something that will work for us.

The heating contractor wants to install the TFP Air Cleaner : http://www.lifebreath.com/en/consumer/library/?
(They have two models : one is Two TFP panels the other is One TFP and A Hepa Filter. I am confused which model gets more of the tiniest particles ; the two TFP model or the one TFP with a Hepa Filter? )

and also this Scrubber Air Treatment System. http://www.lifebreath.com/en/consumer/library/? Click on Accessories

TFP is supposedly a new technology that flings the tiniest particles out of the air stream onto the TFP filter panel. They claim it works better then trying to force all that air through a filter (quieter and air doesn't go around the filter). Then the air will go through the Scrubber unit that forces the air through 5 charcoal filters. Then the air is released into the buuilding.

Will they work? We have heard horror stories of people wasting thousands on whole house systems that filled their air with smoke! Also do we need both the TFP Air Claner and the Air Scrubber? Will just the Scrubber alone work for the smoke? If anyone knows a whole house system that workls (and that we can afford...last time I checked my name wasn't bill gates)please let me know!!! We have no choice but to put in something.
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