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Activist seeking retrofits for Eastern Europe.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 5:26 pm
by pm2.5mary
As you can imagine the problem with old wood heaters in these large, underdeveloped rural countries is enormous. Winter health problems are severe. There is not likely to be radical legislation for many years in most countries for simple economic reasons. Health problems are widespread and exacerbated by continental high pressure (stable, still) cold weather systems and the inevitable resulting hanging smog. (On a recent visit to Romania I suffered from severe bronchial/asthma problems).

I am sure you are very busy so allow me to highlight my most important question:

Can you give me any information on research into adaptors or accessories to reduce particle emissions from domestic wood / coal heaters - all types of stoves basically.

For example are there any 'chimney filters' and such like, or aftermarket catalytic burners?

Can you you give me any pointers for further research and specifically initiatives to deal with widespread continued use of smoky old heaters (in most of the world people have no other choice and cannot trade in for a catalytic EPA approved model!) such as smoke filtration , adaptors , mods to improve efficiency (both to reduce smoke and increase heat) . For example are there any retro-fitting universal cat converters? Because , in theory , if we could filter out the full range of particles and/or increase burn efficiency then this would be a big step.

thanks again