Granularity of EPA Data

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Granularity of EPA Data

Postby jabailo » Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:31 am

In my neighborhood, I have long felt the air quality was poor, although whenever I've scanned the web for the region it always gets a good rating with occasional dips into fair.

I confronted the local air quality organization and they reaffirmed the readings.

However, when I went looking for data, at the EPA website for example, it seems like it isn't very detailed. They have a single metric for an entire county! This covers some 2 million people and landscapes that includes bodies of water, lots of hills, residential areas, industrial areas, transportation centers, highways, country roads, can a single reading apply.

So my first question is, for the USA, Washington State, what is the finest level of granularity for air quality data? Do they have meters that collect down to say the zipcode at least?

I just purchased the Dylos DC1100 air quality meter for my home. The small particle count is typically in the 350 to 450 range which is Poor, so so far my personal data is very different from what the AQI websites report as a whole. The point is what does one do in terms of making such data public to the proper authorities. Would they already be aware of this (see above question).
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