Particulate Matter Counter Conversion?

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Particulate Matter Counter Conversion?

Postby John Massey » Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:56 pm

My company had previously ordered a particulate matter counter to monitor dust and dirt (from offloading and processing agricultural product). When they bought the counter, they thought it was what they needed to monitor PM2.5 and 10, and didn't realize it was a particle counter, and not a mass counter.

I called the company to see what the best remedy was, and to check and see if I could convert particle count to mass concentration. The guy said that there wasn't a way, and that I would have to buy a mass counter, which is $1600.00 more.

It seems like there has to be a way to make the conversion, considering their own technology uses an algorithm to give a proper count (from my understanding).

Is there a way to do it, or are we going to have to upgrade our equipment?
John Massey
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Re: Particulate Matter Counter Conversion?

Postby David Helman » Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:58 am

I got pretty much the same problem as you. Only after buying my MetOne GT-521 did I release I need to buy one model higher that uses a proprietary algorithm to give mass. The company gave a polite, but not very helpful reply to my request to how I could make even an elementary conversion, which I really need for PM2.5, but would be useful for other sizes as well.

Their is an old thread from Wilberforce that I am gonna bump up to try to get this off the back burner.


I spent a lot of time researching this online (as I am sure you have, and other than the above link and a paper that say you can have good correlation between a (relatively) low cost particulate counter and traditional mass-measuring instruments once you have established the mass for a particular type of particulate with a known mass, no formula was offered.

Paper is on the below URL (Sorry its so long, it will start to download the .pdf as soon as you visit). I was hoping to get that magic formula, but nope... not a bad read however. ... GU&cad=rjt
David Helman
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