An engineer's book on air pollution

Scientific and technical articles on particle air pollution.

An engineer's book on air pollution

Postby Wilberforce » Sat Jun 28, 2008 2:13 am

For the high-tech people: an engineer's book on air pollution

Air Pollution Engineering ... ering.html

PDF eBook: (20mb) ... tion88.pdf

note: LARGE FILE - D/L time: 4m14s @ 80mb/s (~90m@ 4mb/s)
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Postby Ernest Grolimund » Fri Aug 08, 2008 6:29 pm

It's been 30 years since I looked at this stuff. Not much is different. Lots of theory, little practicality. No wood. No air toxics. I dream of all wood burning being done with pellets having a catalyst glue in a forced air system for more oxygen and electrostatic precipitation like air cleaners and forcing the smoke through activated carbon for air toxics removal.

I dreamed something up for an air cleaner and got the IQ Air health Pro Plus that removes down to .003 microns for pm and used power to pull smoke through activated carbon. Don't laugh.

I dreamed of getting a cheap opacity meter like a nephalometer and got 2 opacity meters to tell me how clean my air is. A Sears envirosense air cleaner had odor and dust sensors. Is there a science to this wishing and hoping and praying? May be.

And God before I die will you let some author tell these engineers about all the cancer that the pm and 200 air toxics are causing? They think that they are doing good with their incinerators by keeping toxins out of water supplies but they are causing another problem: air pollution. Got to get both. You can't dump it into the air either. They think they know everything after getting through all this science but they have to have someone teach them that there is no one who is good. Not one, like Jesus said. Even the brilliant engineers and professors of engineering are not really good. Look at the mess. We have more work to do.

Now God, can you combine the two for the perfect air cleaner? Not for me but for others. We need your help cleaning up the planet.
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