Burn barrels

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Burn barrels

Postby NHO » Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:04 pm

I have a question about burn barrels.

My neighbor uses a burn barrel to burn wood (and at times other things).

I have read that burn barrels burn at low temperatures due to the lack of oxygen and release dioxin from trash because of this.

Everything I've read indicates that burn barrels are used to INCINERATE trash primarily.

My question are:

Does burning wood in a burn barrel create a more hazardous smoke/fumes (dioxin) than other outdoor fireplaces/pits that are generally used for recreation?

Does the barrel itself create a more harmful byproduct REGARDLESS of what is burned?

Apparently, my city allows the use of burn barrels for burning wood as long as there is a "grate" and it is "not too big".
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