Sample letter to send to your Senators

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Sample letter to send to your Senators

Postby skybox » Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:14 am

You can easily adapt this letter to fit your state:

Dear Senator Leven,

I respectfully ask that if Senate Bill 3177 makes it to the floor that you vote no to protect the health of Michigan citizens.

Recently, Michigan legislators took a bold step for the citizens of our state and banned second-hand cigarette smoke from most public buildings; yet we still allow a device to be sold and installed that pollutes entire neighbourhoods.

Outdoor Wood Boilers (OWB) by design create more particulate matter then 8000 gas furnaces or four large diesel trucks idling next to one’s home. Even the so-called environmentally friendly EPA certified Phase II models have chimneys at ground level and like their ancestor idle at low temperatures when the house no longer calls for heat. It is during this phase of operation where significant amounts of cold smoke, filled with particulate matter and other carcinogens, will be emitted from the device and into the breathable air of neighbours.

The push by OWB manufacturers to get this bill passed for its Phase II units is reminiscent of the subterfuge used by the tobacco industry when trying to convince the public that “light” cigarettes posed less of a risk for cancer than standard cigarettes. We all know the results of that terrible lie.

A few months ago a renowned toxicologist named Dave Brown testified in front of Connecticut’s legislature in support of a proposed bill which would label wood smoke as a potential nuisance. Part of his testimony stated:

“Two of the most hazardous components of wood smoke - particulate matter measuring 2.5, and smaller, and particulate matter 05 were significantly elevated inside homes near outdoor wood furnaces. High levels were present in every 24 hour period tested in every home.”
From: ... rown.shtml

Until OWB manufacturers can design a unit that burns at a constant high temperature the potential for creating a health hazard to those in proximity of OWBs is significant. We must not allow incentives to further encourage people to purchase OWBs. For additional information please see the DNRE’s fact sheet on OWBs at: ... 2298_7.pdf

Outdoor Wood Boilers are the dirtiest form of heat available to Michigan citizens and must not be allowed to be glamorized by terms such as “Home Star Program”, “Clean burning Outdoor Wood Boiler” or any association to a “green environment”. Again, I ask that you not support Senate Bill 3177.

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