Submission deadline today - NZ wants to weaken AQ stds

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Submission deadline today - NZ wants to weaken AQ stds

Postby Dorre » Thu Jul 08, 2010 3:58 pm

Please send in a submission today to encourage NZ to keep up the good work and continue to reduce particulate pollution in NZ. If the proposal to extend the deadline for achieving the air quality standards until 2018 goes ahead, many more Kiwis will suffer ill health and perhaps even die prematurely.

Papers, discussion documents and an online submission form are available at ... eview.html The submission deadline of 5 pm Friday (NZ time) is pretty silly. I can't imagine anyone looking at it until Monday, but I don't know whether late submissions will be accepted.

Green Party spokesperson on Resource Management, David Clendon, commented:
"The Health and Air Pollution in New Zealand (HAPINZ) report estimated that 1,100 Kiwis die prematurely each year because of air pollution, and many more children and adults suffer from debilitating asthma and respiratory illness.
“Air pollution is estimated to cost our economy over $1 billion a year. Clean air is essential to our economic and environmental wellbeing. Delaying and lowering standards costs us more in the long run.”
Anyone who agrees with these sentiments should use the online submission form to argue against delaying and lowering the standards. The online material includes a report by the Technical Advisory Group which cites the conclusions of UK Air Quality Expert Group publication in 2005: “Particulate matter can affect our health. The available evidence suggests that it is the fine components of PM10, which have a diameter of 2.5 μm or less and are formed by combustion, that are the main cause of the harmful effects of particulate matter.”
Instead, the air quality standards standards should be upgraded by the introduction of a much-needed PM2.5 standard, allowing NZ to aim for the greatest reduction in the pollutant that most affects our health for the least possible cost. This cannot be achieved if the pollutant most closely linked to adverse health outcomes is not even considered. See for a link to the Air Quality Group's draft submission with more ideas and information.

REVIEW OF WOOD SMOKE EDUCATION PROGRAMS in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) - submission by the Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC). As well as supporting a review, the TCC believes the ACT Government should also consider the experiences of other jurisdictions where anti wood smoke education programs have failed. The TCC believes that for future education programs to succeed, particularly in the Tuggeranong Valley, they should focus on the public health impact of wood smoke pollution.

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