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I cannot believe that it is still legal in L.A. to burn wood

PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 7:40 am
by Wilberforce

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"I cannot believe that it is still legal in L.A. to burn wood in a fireplace. I see Prius' left and right every time I'm in public, and we're incessantly told by city and state government about how we need to "think green", yet there are people who pollute as much as a hundred 1969 Chevy Novas by having a real fire in their fireplace. I'd rather live in a neighborhood where nobody's car exhaust has a catalytic converter but nobody burns wood in their fireplace, rather than be surrounded by Prius' and Nissan Leafs yet people still burn wood.

Seriously, isn't it rather obvious how toxic the smoke is from burning wood? The smoke can kill people, so why spew it into the air? Why make the air quality worse in Los Angeles? The air is actually not bad lately as a result of all the smog controls we have these days, but as soon as somebody lights a fire it's like we're in the 60's and everybody's car smells awful and people smoke everywhere.

Welcome to 2015. We have porcelain logs and fiberglass chips that look nice in a gas fireplace, sans actual wood. So go get those items and stop polluting the air. You'll thank me later."

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