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MMG Rosebery mine top toxic polluter in Tasmania

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:51 am
by swiper
Emissions to air in Kg/year.

The National Pollution Inventory data shows that MMG Rosebery Mine emits into a closed airshed over the town:

• 500 kg per day (average) of combined zinc, (mainly) arsenic and Lead.

• 170, 000 kg pa of zinc, and is the highest zinc emitter in the nation.

• 1, 300 kg pa of arsenic.

11, 000 kg pa of Lead.

Mike Brewster from TasWater told ABC7.30 Report on Friday night that it is not a priority to put a cover on the Mount Black Reservoir which would prevent contamination from the mine’s toxic emissions.

Members of the community are taking action. Read about it here: ... -tasmania/