Wood Smoke Trespass

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Wood Smoke Trespass

Postby Wilberforce » Mon May 05, 2008 12:27 am

Wood Smoke Trespass
by Julie Mellum

A Violation of Property Rights

If a neighbor experimented with a new invention known to spew mercury, arsenic, lead, formaldehyde,
and other dangerous toxicants into your yard, surely your local air regulators would be able to shut
down the operation immediately. Wouldn’t they? If these noxious fumes entered your yard, home,
and lungs uninvited, it would be a clear violation of your property rights as a taxpayer. What if your
neighborhood began using them by the droves? Imagine the consequences of these compounded
toxic fumes, if allowed to continue unabated, magnifying the chances of asthma attacks, heart attacks,
reproductive birth defects, and sudden infant death syndrome. Wood burning fireplaces, outdoor
fire pits and their ilk, along with the proliferation of wood burning restaurants, are the culprits. Their
smoke and carbon soot are polluting private property and entire neighborhoods to an alarming degree
in urban areas across the nation.

More Than a Nuisance

Wood smoke violates nuisance ordinances and air quality standards as it fans out in capricious and
npredictable plumes affecting property owners in entire urban areas just like a massive invasion of
tobacco smoke, only more concentrated. Wood smoke is a mobile source of fine particulate pollution
that spews many of the same cancer-causing toxicants into the air that are in cigarette smoke. Even
low level exposures take their toll—especially on children and others with asthma The American Lung
Association cites that wood smoke is a trigger for asthma attacks and asthma can be life threatening.

Wood Smoke Devalues Property

We can tell our house guests that smoking isn’t allowed in our homes. We should be able to declare
our own property a smoke-free zone outdoors! A person’s right to burn wood should stop when it
interferes with another’s right to breathe clean air on their property. Wood smoke from a neighbor
or neighboring business could devalue your property because frequent smoke is a “material fact”
that could negatively influence a buyer’s interest in your property.

Wood Smoke’s Fine Particulates Contribute to Climate Change

New NASA satellite studies demonstrate that wood smoke’s fine particulates and “black carbon soot”
are major contributors to global warming - even more than greenhouse gases. If this isn’t a wake-up
call to quell polluting for fun, what else would convince us to stop burning?

Don’t Put Up With Wood Smoke Trespass!

Contact your city council and state legislators. Many states are beginning to regulate wood burning,
and also have bans in place on bad air days. We must speak up or pay a high price.

Contact Us to Connect With Others Who Share Your Concerns

Contact info@takebacktheair.com

Julie Mellum
Midwest Director, Clean Air Revival
the article, published in MCS America Online
http://mcs-america.org/mcsanewsmay2008. ... e_Trespass
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Postby FriendofAir » Tue May 06, 2008 8:34 am

Well articulated and to the point!

Hopefully this will be published in several letters to the editor and other local media outlets.

I like the term "recreational" burning. Can that phrase be incorporated somewhere to show the irony, impact and frivolousness of burning for recreational purposes?
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Postby turning_blue » Fri May 09, 2008 3:00 pm

I agree, this is very good.

Thanks for posting this!
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