Government websites on wood smoke

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Government websites on wood smoke

Postby Wilberforce » Wed Apr 16, 2008 12:21 am

U.S. Government and State websites on wood smoke

These links should work; I just checked all of them. They were harvested last Nov.

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Public Health
Statement for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Outdoor Wood Boilers (Wisconsin)

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Outdoor Wood-Fired Boiler Facts & Information (Vermont)

Wood Combustion and Outdoor Wood Boilers (Maine) ... ustion.htm

Health Effect of Wood Smoke (San Francisco, CA)

Woodsmoke and Your Health Tulalip Air Quality Program (Washington) ... _smoke.htm

Chilly Nights Trigger Smoking Chimneys/Pima County Dept of Environmental Quality (Arizona) ... s2006.html

Red Light-Green Light” Begins Tuesday/Utah Dept of Environmental Quality ... nlight.htm

Wood Burning/Smoke Ordinance/Bay Area Air Quality Management District June 12, 2001

Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

Find It! Washington State Library (Washington) ... jUqg%3D%3D

Air Quality Program/ Washington Dept of Ecology ... ing1.shtml

Have an Environmentally-Friendly and Happy Holiday/Maryland Department of the Environment ... oliday.asp

Wood Smoke and Air Quality: Romantic But Harmful/Minnesota Pollution Control Agency ... 544&type=2

What is happening elsewhere?

Bear Creek Township, PA (quote from Joel Schwartz, Ph.D.)
PDF format

Outdoor Wood Boiler & Air Quality Fact Sheet (Michigan) ... 2298_7.pdf

Proposed Chimney Smoke Reduction Incentive Program/El Dorado County Air Quality Management District ... 23fa51.pdf

A Guide to Air Regulations for: Domestic Wood-burning in Colorado ... urning.pdf

Controlling Wood Smoke Pollution/Washington State Dept of Ecology

Evolution of smoke from wildlandfires in Northern California and Nevada: A proposed G1 Mission (2.3mb) ... ott_G1.pdf

WOOD-BURNING APPLIANCES/CITY OF SAN RAFAEL Planning Division (2.3mb) ... ations.pdf

Lane Regional Pollution Authority/Springfield, Oregon (1.8mb) ... eating.pdf

Bay Area Dioxins Project ... inutes.pdf

ValleyAir News ValleyAir News

Residential Indoor Wood Burning (Indiana)

California Air Resources Board WOOD BURNING HANDBOOK ... ndbook.pdf

City of San Leandro’s Ordinance on Wood Burning Appliances ... odburn.pdf


State of California AIR RESOURCES BOARD Research Screening Committee Meeting ... l07adv.pdf


Government Websites (Other Countries)

Wood fires and breathing problems (Australia) ... g_problems

Why is wood smoke an issue? (Australia) ... s_info.asp

Firewood quality is regulated in Australia (Australia) ... _emissions

Smoke/Environmental Health/State Government of Victoria (Australia) ... /smoke.htm

Improving Woodheater Use (Australia) ... r_use.html

Armidale Air Quality group (Australia)

Tumbarumba/ Issue: Air quality (Australia)
http://www.environmentcommissioner.act. ... uality.htm

Snowy River/ Issue: Air quality (Australia)
http://www.environmentcommissioner.act. ... uality.htm

City of Prince George/Wood Stove Education (Canada) ... /woodstove

Where There's Fire There's Smoke: Reducing Smoke in British Columbia (Canada)

Clean Air Online (Canada) ... feel=basic

Canadian Lung Association/Pollution & air quality (Canada) ... fage_e.php

Residential Wood Heating Emission Reductions Initiative (Canada)

New Brunswick Lung Association (Canada)

Acute effects of wood smoke particles - an experimental study of real life exposures. (Sweden)

PDF format

Wood Heating Tips with Anti-Smoke Sam (Australia) ... /851.2.pdf

Wood_fires_and_breathing_problems (Australia) ... oblems.pdf

Halt the Haze: Wood Smoke (Australia) ... HURE_4.PDF

Wood (Australia) ... eaters.pdf

Reducing winter air pollution begins by the heater Shoalhaven City Council (Australia) ... ir0761.pdf

Smokey Skies (Canada) ... AQ2005.pdf

Woodstoves and Your Health/British Columbia Lung Association (Canada)

Wood heating. A burning health issue (Canada) ... er2006.pdf

14th IUAPPA World Congress (New Zealand)

Comparison of Wood Smoke Particles from Source Emissions and in Urban Air by SEM-EDS

PM-Emissions (PM10M, PM2.5, PM1.0) from Small Scale Combustion Units and Domestic Stoves
Using Different Types of Fuel including Brown Coal Briquettes, Wood Pellets and Energy Grain

Real-world Measurements of Particulate Emissions from Domestic Woodheaters

The Investigation of Potential Wood Smoke Impact on Air Quality in a Melbourne Suburb (Australia)

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Postby turning_blue » Thu Apr 17, 2008 2:24 pm

This should be a sticky. Great work!
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