Protect yourself from all smoke this holiday. Have a healthy holiday and good health in the New Year. Best wishes from the Burning Issues volunteers. Remember to gift Burning Issues in your year end donations. We need your help.

Kate Enjoying a smoke free Yule log made of lights.

Manhattan, NYC, NY: Charcoal burning carts add substantial street level and therefore indoor levels of smoke. Along with a lot of street cigarette smoking exposure is sporadic, but high. Lets do something wonderful for New York - turn push carts into clean fuel only carts!

San Francisco Bay Area: Pretty Bad. Smell of Wood Smoke permeates the city and local areas north. Marin, Novato, Petaluma, Bodega Bay, Etc. etc. Thick wood smoke obscuring driving visibility We are waiting for further reports from observers. 2001- 2002 Nethalometer monitoring in Downtown San Francisco
These are great charts of Wood smoke along with city living. Look at Christmas Eve. See how the smoke pollution fills the air and then it doesn't clear out until early morning. This is early data but very helpful.

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