Education: The Blazing Fire

"You don't have to give up your cheerful holiday traditions of a blazing hearth! Here is a picture of Kate enjoying a smoke free Yule Log. The BLAZING FIRE is made of two strings of twinkling indoor/outdoor tree lights. No pollution, no expensive heat loss from your house, and no ashes to take out.

These are two 100-light strings of multi-colored indoor-outdoor "programmable" blinking lights. There are about 7 choices for each string as to how the blinking works. Some phases just blink, some blink in different orders, some fade in and out, some are just on continually. With two (or more) strings, you can have them acting differently and therefore a random quality of sparkling.

I took the two light strings and laid them out on the floor parallel to each other (and plugged together at one end). Then I started at one end and laid them over the logs in s-shapes or loops. There is of course another plug-in at the other end of the lights. An extension cord is always ready to be connected when desired. They just live in the fireplace and I plug them in when desired.

Our other fireplace is filled with artificial poinsettias and greenery.... At other times, other plants are used. I may add some kind of lighting to that someday. This suggestion comes from our hearth to yours with my family's best wishes for your very healthy holidays."

Thanks to: Lynne Pfeiffer, Burning Issues representative for Oregon.

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