A partial list of people providing scientific information.

We have also contacted environmental offices in foreign countries.

Some specific accomplishments of Burning Issues.

Some of the specific action plans of Burning Issues.

This sums it up!

The only thing to do is to ban wood burning and move to clean energy sources. Burning Issues is strongly opposed to compromise with polluters. There are many who suggest that it would be OK to burn during restricted hours or only to burn less polluting stoves. This is like saying that it is O.K. to drive recklessly if you do it just a few hours a day.

Individual actions will help. There is a section of these Web pages where individual actions are suggested.

Again, moving up the energy ladder is the only long-term sustainable solution. Eventually we have to get to solar energy or wind energy, etc.

When all of the pieces of the puzzle are studied the inescapable conclusion is that RWB in urban areas is inappropriate. Similar considerations also point out the foolishness of agricultural and forestry burning.

As a result of the London fogs of 1952, where thousands of people died, Great Britain has mandated smokeless fuels in residential areas. A London cabbie was heard to say "Don't you know, that stuff will kill you."

The Common Market did the same in 1981.

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