Wood-Burning Appliances in Montreal

Environmental organizations and health groups began an ad campaign against wood-burning appliances and in support of a strict bylaws which would ban the installation of any wood-burning appliance in new construction. We understand that there are over 55,000 wood stoves in Montreal..

Of course, the wood-stove makers are fighting back with an article by Monique Beaudin in The Montreal Gazette. Their argument is "embrace EPA approved stoves" with regulations that ban burning on bad smog days. They cite regulation in San Francisco in their arguments. Ms. Beaudin has been selling the wood industry since 2007.

The fact is that San Francisco has tried to combat wood smoke pollution for years with a program that subsidies switch out to EPA stoves. Dr. Wayne Ott of Stanford and the EPA has been measuring particulate pollution in a Bay Area residential for more than 12 years. He showed that smoke was just as bad in 2006 as it was in in 1994! (See Graph 2) This means that the the program was a failure. We have see similar results from Australia. The wood industry is just plain wrong.

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