Possible Actions

Take Action Now!  The new Obama administration is willing to listen.  With the new EPA leaders appointed by Obama this is our one chance to educate them and let them know that we want the public to be educated about toxic wood smoke and protected from it. We need laws passed that permanently ban all wood burning;  Wood burning is putting a cloud of soot over this country that is killing us! Act now while we still have their attention and they are motivated to help!

Write, call and email the people in Washington DC that can change the law! The Comment Line is: 1-202-456-1111, call Monday through Friday, 9AM-5PM EST.

Environmental Protection Agency                              The Whitehouse
Ariel Rios Building                                                        1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW                                  Washington DC 20500
Washington DC 20460                                                 Attention: President Obama
Attention : Lisa P. Jackson                                 

Here is a web site  to submit requests  for laws against all wood burning as a way to help solve the skyrocketing  health care costs  And this one to request laws against wood burning for other reasons such as global warming, to protect our health etc.    Both  have easy to  fill in forms.