Asthma: Combustion by-products aggravate asthma.

"About 17 million Americans have Asthma. Smoke can trigger asthma. Get rid of wood burning stoves and fireplaces." Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld, Parade Magazine, "When You Can't Breathe," March 25, 2001

"If I were someone who had a health problem like asthma, and I were looking for things to prevent aggravating (my) respiratory problems, candles and incense are two things I would seriously consider getting rid of." Michael Osborne of the EPA.


Children's Asthma

Respiratory Tract Inflammation and Mucous Cell Hyperplasia from Repeated Exposure to Wood Smoke (study outline). Rat Studies from Lovelace Labs.

Asthma leads to Heart Disease

Air Pollution contributes to preventable illness and death.

Reactive Airway Disease (RADS)

Food cooked over wood can cause immediate sensitivity reactions in allergic individuals.

Article discussing the increased prevalence of asthma though out the world with emphasis on the environmental causes pdf (2.2 MB) which exacerbate the disease.

Fires in the West Have Residents Gasping on the Soot Left Behind Article from New York TimesSept 9, 2015


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